Cars: The Video Game is an open world racing video game based on the 2006 Disney-Pixar film of the same name, which was released three days after the game.


The game picks up after the end of the movie in which Lightning McQueen has to get ready for another Piston Cup season. In Story Mode, the player can roam around Radiator Springs as Lightning while collecting bonus points, which can be used to unlock bonus content, including other characters, paint jobs, movie clips and concept art. Throughout the game, players will play in various races and mini-games, which earns them trophies in order to compete in Piston Cup races. Along the way, they will meet up with several characters from the movie, plus characters who are new to the game, and learn various maneuvers which can be used in races, including powerslide, turbo, jump and backwards driving. Each race and mini-game that a player wins in Story Mode becomes unlocked in Arcade Mode.

In Arcade Mode, players can play on any race or mini-game previously won in Story Mode, but they also have a variety of characters they can play as.


Cars: The Video Game mainly received positive reviews. GameSpot gave it a 7 out of 10 for the Xbox 360 and Wii versions, 7.6 for the GameCube and Xbox versions and 7.4 for the PSP version. Metacrtici gave it a 65 out of 100 for thw Wii version, 54 for the DS, 73 for the PC, 71 for the PlayStation 2 and 70 for the PSP.

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