Deep Silver Dambuster Studios Ltd., doing business as Dambuster Studios, is a British video game developer located in Nottingham, England. The studio was set up by Deep Silver on 30 July 2014, as a successor to Crytek UK, which closed the same day, and continued the development on Homefront: The Revolution.


Template:Further information Dambuster Studios was founded on 30 July 2014. Its predecessor, Free Radical Design, was a subsidiary of Crytek. Crytek in 2014 suffered a financial crisis due to internal structuring, and was unable to pay wages to the staff members at the UK studio. The company at that time was working on Homefront: The Revolution, but Crytek decided to sell the franchise to Deep Silver and closed down the studio. Most of its staff members were moved to Dambuster Studios, a studio founded by Deep Silver in accordance with British law[1] Homefront: The RevolutionTemplate:'s development. Dambuster Studios is the third Deep Silver in-house development team, following Volition and Fishlabs Entertainment.[2][3]

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Year Title Platform(s)
2016 Homefront: The Revolution Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


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