WCW/nWo Thunder is a video game based on the professional wrestling TV show WCW Thunder and released on the PlayStation console by THQ in 1999. Thunder is the sequel to WCW Nitro and updates the previous game with new characters and features, including cage matches, battle royals, weapon use, and the ability to select what stable each wrestler competed for (this included WCW, nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, Raven's Flock, and The Four Horsemen). However, Thunder received poor reviews. Many of these were due to its graphics, style, and overall atmosphere, which bore too many similarities to WCW Nitro, along with concerns the game was too easy.

Later in 1999 and 2000, new versions of the game's predecessor Nitro were released for Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows, featuring the updated roster from Thunder.


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WCW/nWo Thunder received "mixed" reviews according to the review aggregation website GameRankings.[1] Most very mixed points were given to the poor graphics, and difficulty of the controls. Despite the mediocre reviews given, the game went on to sell 1 million copies.[2]


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