WWF SmackDown! (also called Exciting Pro Wrestling in Japan) is a professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's and released for the PlayStation by THQ. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and is named after the company's SmackDown! television program. Originally released in March 2000, the game received a direct sequel released several months later, WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role.

The first WWF game on the PlayStation to be published by THQ, SmackDown! marked the start of a long running series of WWE video games from THQ, then continued by 2K Sports and rebranded as WWE 2K.


The story mode contains three main parts, first with the Pre-Season, but after ten in-game years of playing the Pre-Season, players are allowed to skip it. However, the season mode is nearly impossible to complete. By playing and advancing in the season modes players gain rewards such as unlockables or attires, but instead of unlocking new characters, players unlock new body parts to put on new creations, to play as that "unlocked" character. Once players build a creation, they must fight in a Pre-Season year to build their skills and make their alliances. Once players finish the Pre-Season, they can never replay it, and friends and foes for a creation are set in stone. The story mode contains no voice-overs, instead the characters meet each other backstage with mouths that move to no voice. The game also lacks play-by-play color commentary.

WWF Smackdown! has many match types including Singles, Tag Team, Hardcore, Steel Cage and many more.[2]


Yuke's, the developer of SmackDown! had previously created the well-known Toukon Retsuden series of wrestling games in Japan. Despite this, the game engine used in SmackDown! is not based on contemporary Toukon Retsuden titles, both rather The Pro Wrestling, a title developed by Yuke's as part of D3 Publisher's Simple Series.[3]


Template:Video game reviews WWF SmackDown! received "favorable" reviews according to video game review aggregator GameRankings.[4]

The game was a bestseller in the UK upon release,[5] and again three months later.[6] The PlayStation version of WWF SmackDown! received a "Platinum" sales award from the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA),[7] indicating sales of at least 300,000 copies in the United Kingdom.[8]


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